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"PROJECT ARK” Is Also Being Developed into A Hollywood Movie

Logline:  All plants and animals are extinct, supplies are low and when humanity’s last hope, Project Blue Skies, not only fails, but creates an apocalyptic storm, Dr. Michael Costello must race to find the hidden ARK, with the DNA to restore life to the planet, before the impending storm kills them all.

Synopsis: In the year 2095 - the environment on Earth has been devastated - plants and animals are extinct. Earth’s remaining civilizations survive within five world domes. DR. MICHAEL COSTELLO, head of Project Blue Skies - the mission that will save us all - has doubts. He knows it’s insane, dangerous and unpredictable and wants nothing more than to find another way. Michael meets LAURA STRONGBOW, incarcerated for 30 years for refusing to reveal where her scientist husband hid the preserved DNA of thousands of plants and animals (known as the ARK) from the greedy and power-hungry government. 

Michael’s hopes of her leading him to it are dashed when she speaks in riddles and refuses to give him a straight answer. 

Laura calmly states, “I guess you’ll have to blow up the sky.” 

The world watches as the high-risk geo-engineering project is implemented. Blue Skies fails and all is lost. Michael is devastated. He blames himself for overcharging the atmosphere. Conditions on Earth deteriorate even more rapidly as a result of the botched attempt. Violent storms and earthquakes lead to widespread flooding. 

The government races to secure it’s own VIPs in an underground bunker while leaving the citizens of Los Angeles to believe the rain is a sign of success. Millions of people will die. PRESIDENT ERIK REYES threatens to kill Laura’s daughter, ISABELLE, if she doesn’t reveal the location of the ARK. 

The truth about the storm is broadcast to the public and panic takes over. Explosions shake them as a rebellion rolls in to take over the bunker. War, chaos and the desperation to survive bring out the best and worst in everyone. Michael races to rescue Isabelle and Laura from the President as the storm destroys the dome. Citizens charge the bunker while Michael and his team unlock the secret of Isabelle’s necklace and head into the storm on the only boat in the dome, an old casino barge, in order to find the ARK and restore life to Earth.