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Meteorologist Paul Douglas Named Advisor to Hollywood Film Project

Nationally-recognized meteorologist and co-author of the book "Caring for Creation" has been named an advisor to the Hollywood movie ARK, a science fiction thriller dealing with climate change and human survival, based upon hard science possibilities.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA- Feb. 4, 2017 - PRLog -- A worst-case environmental catastrophe involving global warming and the extinction of species forms the basis of ARK, a science fiction survival thriller movie currently in development by a group of Minnesotans concerned about climate change and environmental issues.

World renowned Minnesota meteorologist Paul Douglas, co-author of Caring for Creation, the Evangelical's Guide to Climate Change and a Healthy Environment, is an advisor to the film and the author of the Foreword to the book version of the film.


Hollywood producer and Minnesota native Anne Marie Gillen is developing the film version of the book Project Ark: Awaken from Extinction (Sequoia Press 2016). Gillen has produced such films as Academy-Award nominated Fried Green Tomatoes starring Jessica Tandy, Under Suspicion starring Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman, and Into Temptation directed and written by Minnesotan Patrick Coyle and starring Jeremy Sisto and Kristin Chenoweth. Her next film is Oceanus: Odyssey One by writer/director and Minnesotan Jeffrey Morris, Founder of FutureDude Entertainment. (

The book Project Ark is co-authored by Minnesota entrepreneur and conservationist John MacDonald and Lee E. Frelich, Director of the University of Minnesota Center for Forest Ecology.

ARK is a high-action story that takes place nearly a century into the future. Many scientific experts and futurists were consulted to help shape the story line. The story centers around a massive geo-engineering project that can best be described as the intentional large-scale manipulation of the earth's atmosphere to counter the effects of global warming.

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: One hundred years from now, the environment on Earth has been devastated. Plants and animals are extinct. Earth's remaining civilizations survive within five world domes. A hidden container, known as the ARK, containing the preserved DNA of thousands of plants and animals, can restore life to the planet. As conditions on the Earth deteriorate, Dr. Michael Costello must race against time to find this ARK and restore life to Earth.

The book Project Ark is available on in print and eBook format, and more information about the book and the film can be found at

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