PROJECT ARK: AWAKEN FROM EXTINCTION is a fast paced novel in which the radical increase of toxins in the oceans, rising levels of CO2, and the disappearance of many life forms have ravaged the planet. Cities have been enclosed in domes while radical elements scavenge the desert countryside. Michael Costello and his crew are about to launch a remarkble, but dangerous, experiment in worldwide atmospheric engineering to set things right. But what if it fails?



Founder and Senior Meteorologist, AerisWeather

“Project Ark is a cautionary tale and worst-case scenario; a reminder we’re not nearly as smart or forward-thinking as we like to believe. I pray it won’t come to this, but fiction can be a powerful motivator. 

Will our better angels prevail? Will our kids and grandchildren find the courage and conviction to clean up our mess and make a clean-energy economy non-negotiable? I’m still hopeful for the future but we would all be well advised to pay attention. Take nothing for granted. 

Man and every other species on Earth has benefited from the fruits of creation. Every form of life on this precious planet is counting on us to do the right thing."



Former Chairman of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Dakota community  

It is with great honor and humility that I have been asked to write of the things my people have known and cherished for many generations. As we look at the world we live in today, we must all be conscious of the effect our human-beingness has on the future of all of creation. The two-legged, the four-legged, the winded ones, even the creepy-crawlers who, without harmony, one by one, will all disappear into the perils of the consequences of our actions.  

A great Indian chief and spiritual leader once said, “Life is like the web of the spider. If you were to step on one side of the web, you can feel the effects of that tremor on the other side. If you were to step too hard, the web will break, and in doing so, will cause the weakening of the whole.”

As human beings, we are very small in comparison to what our Mother Earth appears to be to the naked eye, but we must all look intuitively toward the enormous growth of our populations, and keep our self-sufficiencies in check with the needs of the circle of life and our continued existence. The Great Spirit, creator of all things, has given us a tremendous gift, that of thought and reasoning, giving, caring and sharing, but with that comes great responsibility.  

I can recall stories my elders instilled upon me, about the circle of life, and how the tribal life contributed to the survival of my ancestors, and so the next seven generations. We as Plains Indians depended upon the buffalo. We thanked the creator for every one we had taken, but only took what we needed to survive to the next hunt. Our goal was to provide for the continued life of our people, and our sacred buffalo's survival to ensure that our future generations would survive and thrive. 

The needs of the world today are forcing Mother Earth to protect herself in horrific ways that foreshadow the likelihood that we as a human race may not survive. These events are already happening  and are leading toward the path of extinction. If major steps by the countries of the world do not consider the end effects of the consequences of their actions or inactions, the whole human race is bound to suffer the consequences.